Let’s try this again.

I’m a chronic procrastinator and giver-up of hobbies and that explains why it has been almost a solid year since I last posted.  I wanted this blog to be a way to get some of my writing out in the world wide web, but I’ve realized that I just want a place to write about the things I want to write about with no expectations.

There are so many things that bother/excite/inspire/anger me in the world and I just want a means to say something about it whether or not someone reads it.  Just to know it is out there is enough for me, and if some poor soul should stumble upon it and actually read it, then awesome. 🙂

I’ll be writing about everything, and I mean everything.  I love to cook, read, and eat.  Nothing is safe from my rhetoric. 🙂

I’m excited about getting my thoughts and ideas out there and finally putting the English degree to some sort of use.





15 Days to Go!

So, today was a short one in school, one of which I only  have 4 left of until graduation (not including weekends or finals…that just adds to my anxiety)!  I just have my Rhetoric class, which is quite a bore.  Afterwards I cooked up a lovely little lunch for my hunny and I.  It’s a great recipe I found on Quick Dish called Vegan Quinoa and Black Beans.

My boyfriend is an eating machine and he loved it.  I’ve made it twice now and am looking forward to gorging on the leftovers soon.  I’m a huge fan of Tapatio so I douse mine in that and it is fiery heaven.  My mouth will thank me later.

Also today I couldn’t resist stopping by Target and I found a moroccan-esque pouf on clearance for $15!  I snatched that up without a second glance.  I’ve been in the market for some poufs but they are just so expensive so this was a great buy.  I’ll have to post some pictures later, I’m rushing to do this pre-work.

My lifestyle has been changing recently since I started Weight Watchers in January of this year.  So far I’m down almost 23 pounds!  I can’t really see it yet, but I’ve been told that I do look thinner which is a very nice thing to hear after all my dedication.  It is actually quite therapeutic to log all my food.  It really lets me know when things are getting out of hand and when I’m doing great.  I also started a running regimen on Monday which is a huge leap for me since I cringe at the thought of being out of breath.  I use an app on my iPhone called C25K and it’s pretty great.  It slowly trains you for a 5k in 8 weeks.  Yesterday, I tackled day 2 with the boy and we did pretty good.  It was easier than it was on Monday, so things could be looking up for my athletic career. That’s a bit of an overstatement.

So that’s pretty much what’s been happening.  I need to integrate more pictures into this thing, I’ll definitely be working on that.  But that’s all for now!