Pinterest is ruining my life.

So, can I just tell you that Pinterest has taken over and partially ruined my life?  Not ruined in the way heroin would ruin one’s life, but ruined in the way that it makes me feel lazy, uncreative, and style challenged.

I see all these things on this website and want to do all of them!  But alas, I can’t.  I try though.  I’m constantly looking up recipes, hairstyles, crafts, and whatever else pops up in one of those little squares.  I’m going to be honest, I look up things and pin them…and never think about them again.

Pinterest makes me feel like a failure.  All these creative, fun, adventurous people behind these pins just show how much I need a hobby other than pinning pins on Pinterest. I need to actually make some of the crafts I’ve pinned like these:

Thanks to

Thanks to

I have had both of those pinned for a while and have not even attempted to make either of them.  It is a combination of laziness and lack of supplies.  Also, the hand warmers are really not useful to me, I just think they are cute.  🙂  So tell me, why can’t I be motivated like the rest of the internet?

How do you motivate yourself?

– – Mandy


3 thoughts on “Pinterest is ruining my life.

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  2. Ha! Too funny. I agree, although just recently I’ve been making myself actually try a FEW of the things I’ve pinned, like a couple of recipes, and using a plastic magazine file to store foils and such in the kitchen (I have a tall, narrow cabinet and wow! Perfect!). But I always feel so lame when I look at DIY design pins & sites. I’m pathetic. And, like you, I never get around to 99% of the craft projects I “plan” to. I’m a compulsive supply hoarder, though.

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